The End (final draft)

23559910_10155423418225642_420301762973015051_n23631934_10155423417475642_7812888669519315482_o THE END (final draft) by Estrutura + André Godinho, 2017

“The End” crosses theatre language and film language, and dwells upon the issues of identity and boundaries between public and private, and between fiction and reality.
It throws together image-video and live performance, exploring the artistic limits and the conceptual frontiers between theatre and cinema, and between fiction and reality. The founders of Estrutura (Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes) invited artist and filmmaker André Godinho to co-create this presentation.

created by André Godinho, Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes
with Ana Tang, André Godinho, Cátia Pinheiro, José Nunes and Tiago Jácome
lighting Pedro Nabais, Daniel Worm sound Vasco Rodrigues video André Godinho wardrobe Jordann Santos sets Cátia Pinheiro production Natasha Bulha Costa

this show had two versions: THE END (draft) was premiered in Teatro da Trindade, Lisboa; THE END (final draft) was premiered in Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto.