La Chambre Jaune

originalLA CHAMBRE JAUNE, 2012, 28′

An empty room. An actress. What do you need to make a film? A scriptwriter who writes. A film on a television. Boy meets Girl. Two actors who meet. What do you see from a fake window? A set in a studio. A director of photography. A movie star. A script. When is the film over? A director. A camera.

with Paula Garcia, Randolph Albright, Óscar Silva and Soraia Chaves a film by André Godinho with the collaboration of José Maria Vieira Mendes, Ana Francisca Amaral, Pedro Pinho, João Rosas production TERRATREME Filmes Support Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

This film was premiered at IndieLisboa’12 film festival.


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