Cão Solteiro Teatro

a portugueza

André Godinho started working with the theatre group Cão Solteiro in 2006
He started doing video for shows but soon became a part of the “family” of the group, doing dramaturgic work, co-directing, and even performing as an actor.

He co-created the shows:
We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes
Play, The Film
Day for Night
Morceau de Bravoure
We’re Gonna Be Alright

He created videos for:
_ _ _ _
Strange Fruit
Shoot the Freak
Hotel União

And performed as an actor in:
We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes
Shoot the Freak
Play, The Film
Top Models: Paula Sá Nogueira (um bestiário)
Day for Night


About Cão Solteiro Teatro:


Cão Solteiro is a house built in the interior of a shop and several heads. For twelve years it has been the place where some persons breathe.
In this house, with thimbles and with care, with forks and with hope, we fabricate ideas, futures, beautiful objects, ugly objects, phrases, situations, other imagined houses, public secrets, personal maps, mirrors, emergency exits, debts, doubts, problems.
Cão Solteiro is essential in its absolute uselessness. We Are Not Amused. And yet we smile at the possibility of failure that will allow us to continue. Cão Solteiro is a coat to wear across the Winter.