Antologica Cao Solteiro & Vasco AraujoANTOLÓGICA/ ANTHOLOGICAL by Cão Solteiro & Vasco Araújo, 2014

Anthological continues the work developed by the company Cão Solteiro with plastic artist Vasco Araújo. It is organised into a sequence of scenes, each one with a corresponding big screen or canvas that as in a painting frame the bodies, the objects, the landscapes, the music, the text or simply the void.

with Cecília Henrigues, João dos Santos Martins, João Robalo, Luis Magalhães, Mário Afonso, Patrícia da Silva, Paula Sá Nogueira, Vasco Araújo and Denise
video by André Godinho sound by Nuno Fonseca lights by Daniel Worm

This show premiered in Maria Matos Teatro Municipal in september 2014