Ponto Morto

Rita Só in Ponto Morto by André GodinhoPONTO MORTO / IDLE ROAD, 2014, 33′

A young couple hit the road for a romantic holiday. They find a car that has been hit, and a dead woman on the side of the road. The couple is not that young. In fact they are actors on a film. 2 production assistants try to leave the set, but all the roads seem to hit the same spot: the set, where they find a dead woman that can walk.

PONTO MORTO is a road movie that deals with narrative gimmicks and the codes of film genres. A mutant story line that transforms the structure of the road movie in a wandering zombie movie.

with: Rita Só, João Nogueira, Makoto Yagyu, José Smith Vargas, Soraia Chaves
photography: Pedro Pinho sound: Ricardo Leal editing: Renata Sancho music: PAUS
production: TERRATREME Filmes

Ponto Morto premiered at IndieLisboa’14 International Independent Film Festival

Ponto Morto Andre Godinho poster