Day for Night

Day for Night Cao Solteiro Andre Godinho

DAY FOR NIGHT by Cão Solteiro & André Godinho, 2014

In this show the stage of Culturgest is transformed in a sound stage where is being shot André Godinho’s short film: “Fim da Fita”. The spectator can see the making of the film, performed by actors, real members of a film crew, and actors that play part of the film crew.

With Ana Francisca Amaral, André Godinho, António Gouveia, Bernardo Apelido, Cátia Tomé, Cecília Henriques, Hugo Azevedo, Luis Magalhães, Lydie Barbara, Margarida Leitão, Mariana Sá Nogueira, Nuno Morão, Paula Sá Nogueira, Pedro Pinho e Raimundo Cosme.

This show was premiered at Culturgest in February, 2014.

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Day for Night Cao Solteiro & André Godinho


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