as an actor

Even if he doesn’t consider himself an actor, he has been several times performing on stage as non-actor, non-singer or even non-dancer.


CIGUATERA art installation by Diana Policarpo (voice over), 2022

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AS COISAS EM VOLTA ep.11 Keyboard by André Godinho (voice over), 2022


COULD BE WORSE: THE MUSICAL by Cão Solteiro & André Godinho, 2019


THE END (final draft) by Estrutura + André Godinho, 2017

SING SING KARAOKE BAR by Sónia Baptista, 2016

Day for Night Cao Solteiro & Andre GodinhoDAY FOR NIGHT by Cão Solteiro & André Godinho, 2014

1398796386editor_Retrato_03-DONE-resize-375x210-1RETRATO/PORTRAIT film by Vasco Araújo (voice over), 2014

TempestadeA TEMPESTADE / THE TEMPEST by Teatro Praga, 2013

Venus heart adonisVENUS < 3 ADONIS by André Godinho & Paula Garcia, 2012

outras-cartas-ou-o-amor-inventado-2012-de-leonor-noivoOUTRAS CARTAS OU O AMOR INVENTADO/ OTHER LETTERS OR THE INVENTED LOVE film by Leonor Noivo (voice over) , 2012

Top models paula sa nogueiraTOP MODELS: PAULA SÁ NOGUEIRA (UM BESTIÁRIO) by Cão Solteiro & André e. Teodósio, 2012

Play the filmPLAY, THE FILM by Cão Solteiro & André Godinho, 2011

EgosistemaEGOSISTEMA by André e. Teodósio, 2011

wagalmsWE ALL GO A LITTLE MAD SOMETIMES by Cão Solteiro & André Godinho, 2010

shoot the freakSHOOT THE FREAK by Cão Solteiro & André e. Teodósio, 2010

DemoDEMO by Teatro Praga, 2009