Morceau de Bravoure

12227147_10153132423791555_2773244983047138625_nMORCEAU DE BRAVOURE by Cão Solteiro and André Godinho for CNB, 2015

A co-production between theatre company Cão Solteiro and the Portuguese National Ballet – CNB, Morceau de Bravoure is a show about the act of applauding and the act of bowing.
The performance starts at the end of a show, and imagines what would happen if the audience didn’t stop clapping for more than an hour.

Created by Cão Solteiro and André Godinho choreography Rui Lopes Graça wardrobe Mariana Sá Nogueira lighting Daniel Worm d’Assumpção sets Vasco Araújo sound Nuno Fonseca musical adaptation Francisco Ferreira
with Cecília Henriques, Patrícia da Silva, Paulo Lages, Tiago Barbosa, the dancers from Companhia Nacional de Bailado and the dog Zuzu.

This show was premiered at Teatro Camões, Lisbon in November 2015

12279153_10153132415696555_646255826452624810_npics by Bruno Simão