Uma Rapariga Imaterial


Lost in the woods Tiago meets a girl named João. She lives isolated from society, protecting herself from the outside world. João is an immaterial girl, refusing to be anything other than what she wants to be, regardless of her age, gender or race. When Tiago looks at her it’s like she’s always a different person. Literally. But when their relationship becomes too real, he will have to confront the prejudices that he doesn’t even know he has, to understand the world that she created for herself.

IMMATERIAL GIRL is a film about the boundaries of the body, and choosing what you want to be in the world we live in.

with João Duarte Costa, João Abreu, Mafalda Banquart, Aurora Pinho, Jenny Larrue, João Reis Moreira, Tiago Miranda directed by André Godinho cinematography Paulo Menezes sound Nuno Carvalho editing Francisco Moreira music Odete production TERRATREME Filmes