Riders Andre GodinhoHe created videos for 4 operas: one directed by André e. Teodósio and performed at the Gulbenkian Foundation; and the other 3 were produced by São Carlos, the national opera house. He also worked in 3 musical theatre performances based on operas.

This is a list of the shows he did:
A TEMPESTADE by Teatro Praga (2013)
VENUS < 3 ADONIS by André Godinho and Paula Garcia (2012)
HANSEL AND GRETEL by André Heller-Lopes (2010)
L’OCCASIONE FA IL LADRO and TROUBLE IN TAHITI by André Heller-Lopes (2010)
SONHO DE UMA NOITE DE VERÃO by Teatro Praga (2010)
RIDERS TO THE SEA by André e. Teodósio (2004)