We’re Gonna Be Alright

21457992_10209221550527110_3923027773705458029_oWE’RE GONNA BE ALRIGHT by Cão Solteiro & André Godinho, 2017

Working on the different features that audiences look for in blockbusters, Cão Solteiro & André Godinho continue their research into the relationship between theatre and cinema, making a show about the most spectacular component of films: the special effects. Here the effects are not placed at the service of narrative, they replace it, indefinitely postponing it and ceasing to be special. Just as in early cinema, which was a fairground attraction, what we see here is the spectacle for its own sake, the effect without a cause, a montage of attractions. We’re Gonna Be Alright is a blockbusted with sex, blood and violence.

Created by Cão Solteiro and André Godinho  wardrobe Mariana Sá Nogueira lighting Daniel Worm d’Assumpção sets Vasco Araújo sound Emídio Buchinho video André Godinho director of photography João Ribeiro
With Cecília Henriques, Crista Alfaiate, Rafaela Jacinto and Paula Sá Nogueira.

This show was premiered at Culturgest in september, 2017.