Plano 8 / Suspension

Plano 8 Andre GodinhoPLANO 8 (VERSÃO COMENTADA) / SHOT 8 (AUDIO COMMENTARY), 2014, 33′
SUSPENSION, 2014, 33′

PLANO 8 is a video, that was made for OLD SCHOOL #31, a monthly event curated by Susana Pomba.
It consists in a 33-minute-long shot made for the film PONTO MORTO, with audio commentaries made by André Godinho, Nuno Fonseca, Paula Sá Nogueira, Paulo Pires do Vale and Susana Pomba.

SUSPENSION is a variation of PLANO 8, without the commentary. The 33-minute-long shot is shown in a loop, that sustains the idea that the two characters are in a road to nowhere. This video was shown in a French Patisserie during the one night event MANPOWER ’14 that opened the commercial stores of R. Poço dos Negros, for art shows, concerts and performances.

PLANO 8 was shown at DNA Lisboa, during Old School #31 in April 2014
SUSPENSION was shown in Manpower’14 in Lisbon in December 2014

IMG_1968 Old school Andre Godinho

Old School Andre Godinho