It could always be worse…

ensaio geral sltm1.JPGCOULD BE WORSE: THE MUSICAL a theatre performance by Cão Solteiro & André Godinho, with original music by PZ e Vaiapraia, opens in Lisboa at São Luiz Teatro Municipal on February 27th. More info here.

Spoiler alert: it Could be Worse!

It starts like this ⬆️ and it ends like this ⬇️ COULD BE WORSE: THE MUSICAL is a theatre show that I co-created with the theatre company Cão Solteiro. It’s a musical sang by non-professional singers with original music by PZ and Vaiapraia. It will sound good enough, I promise. Could it be better? Yes, definitely, but it surely could be worse. We’ll premiere November 7th in Porto’s Nacional Theatre São João.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA