38771774_2101770716747599_5884534138198818816_nMy short film BONJOUR is going to be screened in Lisbon in the open air terrace of Polo Cultural das Gaivotas, along with Margarida Leitão’s GIPSOFILA. Two films made in closed houses to see with the stars above you.

These films are programmed by Os Filhos de Lumiére for the program Lusco-Fusco – August 15 at 21h30.

my three shortest films are available on Vimeo

BONJOUR (2006-2012), FONTE SANTA/HOLY SPRING (2008) and O DESTERRADO/THE EXILED (2006) are three of my shortest films. The first one was premiered in a Video Art festival: FUSO, and the other two were made for video installations.

You can watch them here: