Teaching Lies.


Me and Crista Alfaiate in the workshop É Tudo Mentira!, discussing the film Girl Chewing Gum (1976) by John Smith, talking about fiction and documentary and shooting a few lies at the documentary film festival DocLisboa.

It’s All Lies!

The Girl Chewing Gum 1976 by John Smith born 1952

During the documentary film festival DocLisboa, I’ll be with Crista Alfaite talking to kids about the film Girl Chewing Gum (1976) by John Smith, in a discussion about fiction and documentary and how it’s all lies, in the workshop: É Tudo Mentira!

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Real fake

I was in Porto, for a 2 day seminar on the theatre course RECURSO, talking about my work in video for theatre, but specially about the limits of fiction and the effect of reality in theatre performances. Everything is fake, but there are things that are really fake. RECURSO was created by Estrutura, more info here.