wandering in the dark

If you are wandering through the tv channels late at night be careful with what you can find. Beware for lost zombies.
My short film PONTO MORTO will be screening on TV Cine2 – January 10th – 01:35

Ponto Morto Andre Godinho

beauty = Liz

The look for this image was inspired by an iconic photo of Elizabeth Taylor with a pink towel on her head, with a touch of french Nouvelle Vague, and is also a wink to my short film La Chambre Jaune.
On the 8th episode of the tv documentary series ARMÁRIO we talk about the industry of beauty. From make up tutorials to the selfie obsession. Check it out January 5th on RTP2

screen shot 2018-12-29 at 15.59.12

Proud to be in the Closet/Armário

I’m now part of the TV documentary series ARMÁRIO, directing episodes 4 to 13. ARMÁRIO is a show about fashion that is not closed in a closet, it’s broad, funny and political, it entertains and makes you think (hopefully 😬). With the great Joana Barrios.Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 12.27.28
The first episode (directed by me) is about the history of Fashion Weeks, where did they come from, what are they for, and who are they for? It screens November 17 on RTP2 IMG_0036

Real fake

I was in Porto, for a 2 day seminar on the theatre course RECURSO, talking about my work in video for theatre, but specially about the limits of fiction and the effect of reality in theatre performances. Everything is fake, but there are things that are really fake. RECURSO was created by Estrutura, more info here.